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EkoTag Move offers three different monthly subscription services according to your needs and budget.

What you Get With Your EkoTag Move Subscription

Check out some of EkoTag Move’s features that will help you achieve carbon neurality when it comes to transport Co2 emissions

Real-time measurement of transportation CO2 emissions

We’re excited to offer you a way to automatically calculate and distinguish your mobility CO2 emissions. The app allows you to see each trip you take by car, bus, train, subway or foot. 

Weekly summary of your CO2 emissions per transport mode

You can view your weekly and monthly mobility footprint and the amount of emissions for every single trip you have taken.  

Collective challenges to reduce CO2 emissions

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like a little friendly competition?! Of course collective challenges are really designed to keep you motivated on your carbon neutrality journey. We’re better when we work together.

Automatically offset your CO2 emissions

Thanks to our subscription service, you will be automatically offsetting as you go. CO2 emissions are automatically offset with the purchase of internationally recognised CO2 credits available through different plans.

Tips to Reduce Your Impact

Receive easy-to-achieve tips that will help you along the way. We promise, no judgement or guilt!

Badges and prizes

We all love to feel rewarded for a job well done. We strongly believe that a little extra incentive can help us take real-life actions that can ultimately shape our lives for the better. 

EkoTag Move for Cities and Companies 

With minimal time and effort, your city or business can achieve a carbon-neutral status for its transportation carbon footprint with the Ekotag Move app.

Easily access a precise audit of your citizens’ collective transportation journeys for CSR reporting, operation needs, accounting or simply as a means to reward your employees for their sustainable actions!

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